Baton Rouge Council on Human Relations

Annual Report 2006-2007

Marjorie Green,President



June 2006������ Advocacy Coalition event �WINWorking Interfaith Network, report back on CommunityPolicing � ChiefLe Duff and Greg Phares, June 20 Allen Chapel Methodist Church; Annual Membership Meeting, June 3 with La Council on Human Relations at the University Presbyterian Church.


July 2006������� CATS � Metro council meeting re inadequate funding for public transportation system,members attended and gave support for continued funding and better services.


August 2006�� Received invitation to participate in nation-wide grassroots reading program, One Book/One Communitythrough the Baton Rouge Area Chamber.�� Sent congratulations card to VIPS for twenty five years of service in school community.They were supportive of us during our 2006 fall forum.


September 2006�������� Istrouma High School Committee contacted principal to support events projects for new year; YWCA�sDialogue on Race� attended by members attended and participated in Women�s Council of Greater Baton Rouge�s Women�s week�A week-long celebration.�Attended meetings � Served on Advisory Board of Capitol Area Human Services District to support citizens with mental illnesses and assure proper services are provided


October 2006������������� Members attended the Children�s Coalition of Greater Baton Rouge implementation ofits Community Plan for 2006-2007 promoted by Mayor Holden.Attended �Youth Summit� held at Second Baptist church,October 24 to support East Baton Rouge Parish school�s goal to improve quality of life through Superintendent Charlotte Placide,hope to curb violence and anger in schools. �One book/One community� expanded events � read To Kill a Mockingbird; on Mailing list to attend meetings, give support.Sponsored letter of support for YWCA to Director of Public Policy for inclusion of the Dialogue on Race on the YWCA USA website.


November 2006��������� Sponsored Public Forum, �Public Transit Solutions: Get Behind CATS and Board the Bus.� Nov. 9th with leaders to address problems facing our transit system.PR through TV, radio and newspaper invitations. Continued support of CAHSD and Children�s Coalition meetings, supported Kiwanis�Breakfast; supported activities presented by Advocacy Coalition groups, National Association of University Women , YWCA, WIN, Community Association for the Welfare of School Children,National Coalition of 100 Black Women.


January 2007����������� Members supported Istrouma High to eradicate low grades andlow attendance.Children�s Coalition-- mini meetings/survey to organize parents and youth concerning leadership, education, family support, arts recreation and culture; Participated and encouraged membership to complete survey, Louisiana Speaks by February 19.Assisted agency to pass out information on �LA Spirit� to help new Baton Rouge citizens address stress from Katrina experience.


February 2007����������� Celebrated founding of BRCHR established in February 1965 as a non-profit civic organization to promote racial desegregation.�� Attended the Mid-City Dance Project Inc.,�The Fading Line: A commemoration of the 1953 Baton Rouge Bus Boycott at BREC Theater sponsored by Arts council and other agencies.�� One book/One Community at BRCC Theater-Gala, Movie shown and panelists reacted to movie events from the past when first written about and thoughts of today written by Harper LeeTo Kill a Mockingbird.


March 2007�� Spring Forum � Solutions to Bus Issues held at the Unitarian Church with panel to address solutions.Methods for Public with cars, vehicles were presented to reduce traffic and pollution, etc.Capital Area Human Services District advisory board faced same issues concerning transportation for those they serve.Participated in Ride For Change presented to youth group at the Baton Rouge Area Chamber of Commerce.Public was invited to board the bus and ride to see the challenges daily riders faced with transit system.Discussion was held afterwards in evaluation of the ride.


April 2007������ Annual Powell-Reznikoff Humanitarian Award Ceremony Dinner held at theSouthern University Wesley Foundation presented to the Revs.Betty B. Claiborne and Randy K. Nichols.�� Theme:Change in Human Relations is Driven by the Soul within with Eric Lewis, President of the black Baton Rouge Chamber of Commerce as speaker.PR appeared in the Advocate and In Register, along with promotion by Glorious Wrighton her radio program on WXOK.


May 2007������ Plaques presented to two students (twins) at IstroumaSenior High School for good character; reception held for long standing supporter and board member Margaret Pereboom, who is moving to Atlanta.Planning for Annual Membership meeting, June 14th based around theme � One Baton Rouge committee with Monika Olivier as speaker: attended the Human Race Walk at LSU; One Baton Rouge Committee meeting.


June 2007������ Annual Membership meeting, June 14th for BRCHR; June 23 forLCHR.