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Community Association for the Welfare of School Children (CAWSC)

Contact person:   Valerie Jackson Jones, Executive Director

Address:  440 North Foster, Baton Rouge, LA 70806

Tel:   225 924 7516;        Fax:   225 924 5165        email:


No. of members:    17 Board members

Profile of CAWSC:

Our Mission

CAWSC provides academic reinforcement and enrichment activities to school-aged children in East Baton Rouge Parish in partnership with their families and collaboration with other agencies.

Our Vision

  • Improving the opportunity for children. 
  • Assisting parents by emphasizing family values and reinforcing them in nurturing environment.
  • Inspiring strong ownership and commitment among our membership and community.
  • Expanding services to surrounding parishes.  

What We Do�

  • Increase a child�s chance for success 

  • Provide wholesome constructive recreational activities 

  • Help in the development of accuracy reading and writing at an early age

  • Provide clothing for those in need  

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