The Louisiana Council on Human Relations

and the Baton Rouge Council on Human Relations

This joint LCHR-BRCHR web site is under construction  combining the former separate web sites.  

There are no changes in the addresses. This site comes up with either of the former addresses: and




Working Interfaith Network of Greater Baton Rouge

Contact person:   The Reverend Jennifer Jones-Bridgett,  Executive Director

Address:  4550 North Blvd.  Suite 205,  Baton Rouge, LA 70806,

Tel:    201-0016         Fax:    201-0018;        email:


No. of members:    34 Congregations,  (41,000 families)

Profile :  WIN is  a nonprofit community organization of faith congregations.  Our mission is to work together to improve the quality of life in our communities.    WIN is an interfaith organization of approximately 41,000 families working through 34 congregations across the greater Baton Rouge, Louisiana area. WIN was established by concerned religious  leaders in 1994 as a vehicle to respond to the needs of families throughout the city. WIN founders believed that by uniting people in a multicultural and interfaith organization, a powerful voice could emerge in response to the numerous problems present in our urban neighborhoods. WIN is a member of the Pacific Institute for Community Organizations (PICO) national network, and the statewide network Louisiana Interfaiths Together (LIFT)


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