The Louisiana Council on Human Relations

and the Baton Rouge Council on Human Relations

This joint LCHR-BRCHR web site is under construction  combining the former separate web sites.  

There are no changes in the addresses. This site comes up with either of the former addresses: and

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To join the coalition, please print out this page and send your information to

BRCHR, Richard Haymaker, 254 Nelson Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70808

The Baton Rouge Council on Human Relations

 Board of Directors

 Richard Haymaker, President

 Marjorie Green, Vice President

 Joyce Robinson, Secretary

 Mercedese Broussard, Asst. Secretary

 Dan Yannitell, Treasurer

 Phil Woodland,

Past President


Evelyn Albert

Mercedese Broussard

Leslie Burris

Thomas Clemons

James Cross

Hallique Dawson

Jehad Mahmoud

Rogers Newman

Patrice Niquille

Margaret Pereboom

Joyce Robinson


254 Nelson Dr.

Baton Rouge

LA, 70808

Tel: (225) 766-6432

Fax: (225) 769-3810

The Baton Rouge Advocacy Coalition for

Economic and Racial Justice

 A network and communication link

 WHEREAS:   The genuine inclusion of all people in educational and economic opportunities is the foundation for a vibrant community,

 WHEREAS:   Empowering individuals in the community is key to improving their quality of life,

 WHEREAS:   With the end of the 47 year school desegregation case,  there are new opportunities to strengthen the  public school system for all children,

 WHEREAS:   Racial and economic justice is a prerequisite for raising  Louisiana up from the bottom of the �quality of life� state rankings,

 WHEREAS:   Our community�s future is brightened by embracing diversity and promoting religious harmony,

 BE IT RESOLVED THAT:   We will be part of  the Baton Rouge Advocacy Coalition for Economic and Racial Justice to seek a larger voice in working to end racism and remove impediments to equality of opportunity for all.

 Name of Organization:_____________________________________

No. of members: __________


 Tel: ___________________________ Fax: __________________________


 Authorized representative:

 Name: _______________________________ Title:  __________________

 Signature: _________________________________ Date:  _____________

 Please attach (or email) a brief paragraph describing your organization for posting on our web site.  In addition we can also link to your web site. 


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